our orchard blog

our orchard blog

The Orchard is in Bloom

by Linda & Rob Cordtz on 04/03/16

We've finished the pruning and here comes the bloom.  Apricots, plums, cherries, peaches and Asian pears are all starting to bloom, the Gravenstine apples are in first pink so they are not far behind.  The bloom looks like it did in 2014 a bumper year. Such a nice time of year.

Pruning feeds the soil

by Linda & Rob Cordtz on 02/01/16

The soil is the heart of the orchard. All the nutriments the trees need comes form the soil, these nutriments are made available by soil microbes. The microbes use organic mater and minerals in the soil as food and their byproducts are what all plants consume as "food". This is the process that keep our trees making all that good fruit, every management activity we do is designed to support this process. The cuttings from pruning are left in the orchard and ground up so they may brake down back into the soil supplying organic mater to the microbes.  Our soils organic matter levels, as shown by soil test, has gone from 1% to 7% in ten years. 

New Year and Pruning

by Linda & Rob Cordtz on 01/07/16

Happy New year! Fruit trees are dormant now and I've started pruning.  I like to start on the youngest trees, the  pruning done to them while they are just starting out is so very important, the training done now will guide them for their productive live.  Been working on young apples, cherries and peaches.  I've also started the apricots, they along with the cherries are the first to bloom and I like to be done working with them before first bud swell.  No telling when spring will come this year, we were so early last year, but from the forecasts it looks like it may be something like last year.  If you are a Peaceful Belly CSA member its time to get your fruit shares!

Thanks for the great season!

by Linda & Rob Cordtz on 11/21/15

Thanks to all of you, it was a wonderful season.  The year was a wild one with the crazy weather this spring, the intense heat this summer and all the fires out here in Eastern Oregon.  Lets all hope for a good winter with lots of snow in the mountains which will give us water next summer.  Thanks again for your support!

Fruit Shares sold out for 2015

by Linda & Rob Cordtz on 06/03/15

Fruit Shares are sold out for 2015, sorry.  If you missed your chance to get one this year be sure to get your early next year.  We have a limited amount and they are very popular with the Peaceful Belly CSA members who we serve.